April 17, 2014

Online Gold Dealers

In today’s gold market, online websites are the most popular avenue that both investors and collectors use to purchase gold. Each and every day there are new sites popping up who are all vying for your business. The market is continuously growing, just like gold’s value. These sites are based from places all over the world and specialize in all sorts of different types of gold. After realizing the multitude of dealers that exist online it may seem like a near impossible task to find the site or dealer that works for you. It also goes without saying that as a consumer, you are going to be looking for the best bang for your buck, but unfortunately there is not a guide that tells you where to go. This article is going to help you understand a bit more in depth how this online industry works, and the players involved.

Buy Gold Online

The Best Gold Sites

The best sites to buy gold online are the ones who are very easy to use and offer the best prices. www.goldsilver.com is a very good example of an online dealer that is easy to use. What makes it easy to use is the separation of products. Instead of having to search all over the site for a single product, it is as simple as going to a drop-down bar that has all pertinent items listed.

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If you are in the US it would make most sense to buy from a site that is located in the US as well. This is so because shipping prices domestically are drastically cheaper than shipping an item across national borders. Some of the best sites around are one’s who offer the opportunity to sell gold back to the site.www.goldsilver.com is an example of a site who buys back gold. This makes the investment process complete because you can sell gold back to the very site that you originally bought it from.

Finding Your Items

10 oz Suisse Gold Bar

10 oz Suisse Gold Bar

Since there is such a multitude of gold-selling website around, it is no surprise that some sites have narrowed their selection down to only one type of gold. For example, one site may sell only rare coins and another site may only sell gold bars of different weights, and of course there are the sites that are a mix of all different types. Your goal as a new gold buyer is to do enough research to determine which site will suit you best. At first this sounds like a tall task, but once you know what you are looking for it will get much easier. This means that before even accessing the internet, have an idea of what you are looking for. If you are out to make an investment in gold bars you can probably ignore sites that only sell coins and rounds. But if you are trying to diversify your gold investment, going to a site that has a wide variety may be what’s best. Narrowing down your site selection will make your experience of buying gold online run smoothly.

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Price Consideration

When looking to make a purchase of gold, one of your key steps before spending any money is determining a fair price. If you are a new investor/collector finding a “fair” price may be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. But a great way to determine price fairness is by shopping on multiple sites. After deciding the product you wish to purchase, the next step is looking for a site that sells it. Complete your basic item search and then look at the item’s price across multiple different sites. Quickly you will see that the price of the same item on different sites will be fairly consistent as this is the case with most gold. Once establishing a fair price the next obvious step is to find the site who’s price is a bit cheaper than all the others and make a purchase. But even this requires an amount of care because some sites offer a list price that is very cheap only to overcharge you on shipping charges and other fees. It is very important to remember that in the process of determining a product’s price you have to be aware that the list price is going to be less than what you actually pay after shipping and fees.


Once you have decided on a product and a fair price it comes time to actually hand over your money. The most common way to pay for a gold investment online is credit card. Credit card transactions are very safe and secure nowadays and things like fraud and lost funds are rarely an issue, especially for reputable sites. But some sites do have certain requirements for specific order types. The requirements usually require orders over a certain amount to be paid for by a specific type of payment. Besides credit card payment the other most typical are checks, bank wire, and e-payment processors like Paypal. The payment requirements change from site to site and from order to order so be sure to check before finalizing an order.

Buy Gold Online